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Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG

Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG operates dining establishments, a catering division, and a hotel. Its businesses offer high quality food and quick service and are located at heavily frequented locations throughout Switzerland. The company owns a wide range of food-related establishments, including Marché® Restaurant, Marché® Bistro, Marché® Express, Marché® Catering, Cindy’s Diner, Betty Bossi Zopf & Zöpfli and other concepts.

Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG does its utmost to impress customers with its array of delectable meals on the go by providing fresh and wholesome choices. The focus is on quality and naturalness in the preparation as well as in the presentation of the dishes – for an all around fresh experience.

Are you open to freshness? We look forward to hearing from you!

Marché Bellinzona Nord Bellinzona 8/13/2018
Marché Bellinzona Sud Monte Carasso 8/13/2018
per sofort oder nach Vereinbarung Thun 8/13/2018
Marché Neuenkirch Ost Rothenburg 8/12/2018
Cindy's Diner Herrlisberg Süd Wädenswil 8/7/2018
im Bahnhof Bern Bern 8/2/2018
Marché Deitingen Nord Deitingen 7/26/2018
Marché Gunzgen Süd Kappel 7/26/2018
Marché Kemptthal Kemptthal 7/26/2018
Marché Glarnerland Niederurnen 7/26/2018
Marché Heidiland Maienfeld 7/26/2018
Marché Martigny Martigny 7/26/2018
Marché Heidiland Heidiland 7/17/2018
(Aushilfe für Wochenende) Wädenswil 7/16/2018
Marché Heidiland Heidiland 7/13/2018
Eröffnung unseres neuen Betty Bossi Zopf & Zöpfli per 1. Oktober 2018 am Hauptbahnhof Zürich Zürich 7/13/2018
Marché Deitingen Nord Deitingen 7/10/2018
Cindy's Diner Deitingen Süd Deitingen 7/10/2018
Cindy's Diner Deitingen Süd Deitingen 7/9/2018
Bursins Bursins 6/28/2018
Martigny Martigny 6/28/2018
Marché Würenlos Würenlos 6/26/2018
Marché Deitingen Nord Deitingen 6/13/2018
Marché Deitingen Nord Deitingen 6/13/2018
Glarnerland 6/6/2018
Niederurnern 5/20/2018

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